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Peripheral Neuropathy

When is the last time you took a long,
pain-free walk?

Neuropathic pain

Neuropathic pain results from damage or disease affecting something known as the somatosensory, or “sense of touch” system, and may be constant or come in waves that feel like an electric shock. Common qualities include burning or coldness, “pins and needles” sensations, numbness, itching and aching.


Go pain-free!

Improve your quality of life with a
solution to the painful
consequences of long
term neuropathy.


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Freedom: it’s what we all want and how we
are meant to live

Yet so often, our biology, our lifestyle, and our circumstances can result in health challenges beyond what we ever signed up for. We connect people in pain to solutions and professionals to help free them from it. Here you will find tools and connect with communities of people and professionals to manage the challenges of diabetic wounds and peripheral neuropathy.


Limb saving tips

Lightbulb Frequent follow-up care and microfilament pressure testing from a foot care specialist are recommended address changes in the foot.
Lightbulb Avoid going barefoot and wear closed toe shoes. Shake out any potential debris and feel around the insides for any foreign objects before putting on. When taking off shoes, remove socks and check feet with hand mirror for any redness or callusing, which indicate pressure.
Lightbulb Proper footwear fitting includes measuring & fitting for proper length, width & depth proportions of each foot. 
Lightbulb Choose seamless interiors, stretchable fabrics or soft leather to accommodate the foot shape.


How much do you enjoy the freedom to be able to walk and drive?




“I can tickle my wife’s feet again.”

Christian is a healthcare practitioner from Southwestern Ontario who approched FREMS Medical to learn more about treatment for chemotherapy neuropathy. His wife battled cancer shortly after the birth of their child and has struggled with the after effects of chemotherapy neuropathy since. Skeptical at first, these are the words he shared with us when asked by our Feedback team and Dr. Paul Ziemer. “I can tickle my wife’s feet again.” Thank you Christian and we are so thrilled at this great news. It brought joy to our day and we could not be happier for you.

Tickling foot


“I know you are skeptical. I was too. I know you have been told over and over again there is no cure. There is another option. To be able to go out and garden again, to be the fun Grandma again… I am really, really pleased.”

FREMS Medical Inc. thanks Cindy and Dr. Moona Rahemtulla for featuring Cindy’s story on Ask the Experts with Dave Callander on CKGL-AM 570 News Radio Kitchener. Click play to listen to the segment featuring Cindy.

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Go pain-free!

Improve your quality of life with a
solution to the painful
consequences of long
term neuropathy.